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Dave Lang

We've got a handful of copies of this belatedly-reissued curio item in, and it's a real beauty: MARIAH's Utukata No Hibi LP (presented as a 2 X 45 RPM 12" set). Led by Yasuaki Shimizu (yes, they were Japanese), this was their 6th album, originally released in 1983 and it's a truly unique slab of sophisto avant-pop. With Middle Eastern rhythms and chiming electronics, parts of it sound like Remain In Light-period Talking Heads or Liquid Liquid or New Order or early Laurie Anderson, but in another sense it sounds like none of the above. I'd certainly be willing to gamble on the Stererolab folks having heard it. It simply MUST be heard! On another note, we just got a load more copies of MILES DAVIS' Get Up With It 2LP in the door, for those who were asking. ‪#‎recordoftheday‬ ‪#‎nowlistening‬ ‪#‎vinyl‬

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