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Dave Lang

Nearly a full set! Damn... just missing 'II' right now. But don't think for a second that the MEAT PUPPETS' classic '80s discography on the SST label is all about only II and Up On The Sun. The wild debut, the ZZ Top-damaged boogie of Huevos, the psych-metal of Monsters - they're ALL worth delving into. We got a bunch of the 180-gm reissues in this week, along with a mountain of other goods. Titles from... ARTHUR RUSSELL, SUN RA, BOBBY HUTCHERSON, ANDREW HILL, THEO PARRISH, DJ SKULL, AMI SHAVIT, MANUEL GOTTSCHING, PETER BROTZMANN, COIL, SWELL MAPS, SLOWDIVE, MILTON NASCIMENTO, TAMIKREST, SAINT VITUS, A TRIBE CALLED QUEST, GNOD, HARMONIA, MOGWAI, EDGAR BROUGHTON, DIMITRIS PETSETAKIS, COME, FELA KUTI, TOM ZE, APHEX TWIN, SAMBA TOURE, BORIS, DRONES, RICHARD THOMPSON... etc. Does the madness ever end? We hope not.

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