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Dave Lang

Today is a great day. Why? Because we now have back in stock two of the finest Australian rock & roll LPs of the 21st century: Eddy Current's self-titled debut and their follow-up, Primary Colours. Of course, their 3rd LP is also no slouch whatsoever, but we had it in stock already. What makes the first two so special right NOW is that they're back in print after having gone AWOL for a number of years. Both are $25 in the shop (Rush To Relax is $24), and every home could use a copy. And we MEAN that. The band is sure to blow minds at their upcoming Golden Plains show, much as they did 10 years ago. Nice guys, too. GET ON IT! (PS - I know this photo wouldn't win any awards, but golly it can be tough getting a good shot with those reflective shrinkwrapped sleeves) #vinyl #recordoftheday#eddycurrent #gonerrecords

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