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Dumb & The Ugly - S/T EP

Dumb & The Ugly

Dumb & The Ugly - S/T EP

Monumentally awesome 25-minute EP from this incredible Melbourne-based trio from 1990. Featuring Michael Sheridan (No, Max Q), John Murphy (Slub, News, Current 93, Max Q, so much more) and Dave Brown (Lazy, Bucketrider, Candlesnuffer, etc.), D&TU played a powerhouse brand of instrumental rock which mixed maximum riffery with post-industrial experimentalism. Think Hendrix/Cream meets Melvins, Swans, Chrome, Gore, instrumental Black Flag and the post-rock metallic jamming of Don Caballero, Breadwinner, Loincloth and Pelican. We have a handful of copies of this simply amazing and underrated slab of Australian rock, original copies discovered in a band member's cupboard (or something), and at a bargain price. Highest recommendation!!

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